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Jeffrey’s Restaurant Supplies can provide every item your restaurant needs whether large or small, for either the front or back of the house. We stock our warehouse with high-quality inventory from A to Z. That includes a full range of appliances, fixtures, cookware, storage containers, tools, utensils, and much more. The front of the house is where style really matters, and we supply it at every price point. We exclusively carry Dauerhaft china, renowned as high-end yet affordable. From tables, chairs, and linens to glassware and silverware, even salt and pepper shakers, our product line includes every item a restaurant could need.

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We understand that a restaurant’s success depends on more than its menu. That’s why we supply every item your new or established restaurant requires. From attractive tableware to kitchen appliances, our exceptional inventory is ready for you. Please contact us to inquire about our new opening programs, as we are here to help get your dream restaurant open with ease.
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Jeffrey’s Restaurant Supplies is proud to be a semi-exclusive supplier of Dauerhaft china. This superb brand is a high-quality product (Dauerhaf translates as “durable”) that fits a variety of decor styles from classic to contemporary. It’s also very affordable for such a luxury product, and we couldn’t recommend it more.

Our warehouse is always fully stocked with the best brands of supplies to fit a diverse range of restaurant needs. Our inventory includes brands ranging from budget-friendly to high-end luxury, and every price point in between. Our front-of-house supply brands can complement any style of decor, while our chef-approved back-of-house brands represent the most reliable in the restaurant business.